Tabung Kawen ;)

u are the last one

" Can u find my love in ur pocket? 
Can u find my love in ur bag? Or even in ur wallet?
No, my love is only in ur heart..
Only ur heart. In ur heart tells u i'm ur gurl. 
And my heart always said that ure my man.
What i needed is u.Its always been u. 
No one else could win ur love as u love me now. 
Please say u love me. How much u love me?
Is it just a dozen of roses?
Do u know how much i love u?
Every breath i take its been always u my dear. 
Please dont leave me. I cant live without u.
No more alone in my life. 
I want u together with me through ups and down. 
I want u to handle me as i did.
I am really lucky to have a man that always be there when i needed."